• Miftahudin Miftahudin English Post-Graduate Student, University of Mataram
Keywords: Betandak, Metaphors, Forms, Meanings, Significances


Every society has unique traditions that are different from one another. They could be oral, acts, or artifacts. The traditions they have depends on typology of the people; how they live their daily life, what value they believe in, how they react to the environment, and what they inherit from their ancestors. People of Pujut have betandak as their unique oral tradition since it is only found in Pujut and not in other areas. In some parts of its lyrics, tandak is expressed in metaphoric words. It was intentionally managed to make puns and made it even more sarcastic even though the pun was meant to be a smooth innuendo that one found it hard to understand. To make it easier to understand, it is urgent to seek for the answers of betandak’s forms, meanings and significances to the people. Concerning the social phenomenon of betandak, this research will employ the qualitative research. It involves a set of interpretive, material practices which is making the world perceptible. These practices turn the world into a sequence of representations including field notes, interviews, discussion, pictures, recordings and memos. The nomenclature of tandak has never been the concern of Pujut people. However, the absence of concept of nomenclature gives a way for all people to come with the concept of their own and create names for it. The nomenclature, so far, is classified into three categories: Seasonal, Spatial, and Occasional.

Keywords: Betandak, Metaphors, Forms, Meanings, Significances